Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Ancient Pasty-Faced Flabby Goth Chats Shit

Yesterday, serial failure and intellectual incompetent, Lord Nigel Lawson, was given odious amounts of mainstream media time to spout on about his little Englander view of the world.

                                  Why Would Anybody Buy A UKIP Policy From This Man?

Two points...

1) The Guardian: "[Lawson] decided that the best way to keep the cost of living in check was for the pound to shadow the German mark, believing that this would import Teutonic anti-inflationary zeal into the UK. It was a policy disaster. Interest rates were cut to prevent sterling from rising and this led to an orgy of mortgage borrowing. House prices rose sharply and so did inflation, from a trough of just over 2% in 1986 to almost 10% in 1990."

So the goth can't do macroeconomics and caused a recession.

2) The goth also denies human-influenced climate change...
... so he is a fool to boot.
Even the oil companies recognise their role in changing the equilibrium state of the planet.

The Economist: "The Arctic also has oil and gas... Exploration licences are now being issued across the region... Oil companies do not like to talk about it, but this points to another positive feedback from the melt. Climate change caused by burning fossil fuels will allow more Arctic hydrocarbons to be extracted and burned."

Destroy the planet once, destroy the planet twice, all for privatised profits of a psychopathic elite.

Lord Lawson of Blaby is married to a woman 39 years his junior and who is ten years younger than his daughter Nigella...
... the true mark of a man of inappropriate power and influence.

Exactly why was Blabby of Blaby given this amount of airtime?

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